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  • Motivational Speaker & Author of Always Hope

    I grew up in the small, tight-knit community of Hitchcock, Texas (near Galveston) where I was a high school cheerleader and was elected Homecoming Queen. Little did I know then that my calling was to become a cheerleader for all who need cheering, to help others find hope and discover a sense of homecoming in today's world.


    Being able to see the light in the darkest times is the only way I was able to cope with the deaths of five dear family members — my stepfather, my beloved older sister, two brothers-in-law and my kind, sweet nephew — to suicide. It was after my sister took her own life in 1997 that I was inspired to write “Always Hope,” a coffee-table book that features 25 stories of people overcoming incredible life challenges with photos by Houston artist Alisa Murray.


    There’s so much guilt you feel when someone close to you takes their own life. Even though you know it’s not your fault. You play it over and over in your head. I’ve had my share of depression and grief and days I felt like I couldn’t go on, but I believe the spiritual tools I've learned and, having hope, saved me.

    I currently offer several programs and hope you will contact me in the near future to host an event for you or your organization. My hope is that you will discover how passionate I am about helping others find and believe in hope so they can find their way home to what is in their true heart!

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    Escape from Insanity Illusions and Lies


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  • Programs

    "Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most."

    Keynote Speaker

    Cindy Cline is a Life Mastery coach and consultant. She is the author of "Always Hope" and has been featured in numerous television, newspaper, magazine articles and radio interviews.​

    Cindy drives home a message of hope, inspiration, compassion, and love. Because of Cindy's unique experience and empathy, she was chosen as the keynote speaker for the "Out of the Darkness" Suicide Survivors walk in Woodlands, Texas where over 1000 people were in attendance.


    Cindy's uncanny ability to connect with an audience and have them feeling comforted and inspired makes her an excellent keynote for any audience!

    Motivational Speaking

    Superior Guidance

    With this service, you will find purpose, passion, and talents that will help you to create the life you dream about. Ready to get started? Please contact me now to discover what positive change really feels like.

    Think and Grow Rich Workshop

    For Women

    This Workshop or a Series of Classes is based on Sharon L. Lechter's NY Times best selling book, "Think and Grow Rich for Women". Using your power to create success and significance, you will learn how women relate differently to money, how to create the mindset that money is energy and that you are deserving of it.

    Think and Grow Rich for Men and Women

    Based on Napoleon Hill's Record-Breaking Best Selling book "Think and Grow Rich"

    This work is for all ages, filled with ideas that have the power to change your life and set you upon the path of learning and self-development. This book conveys the experience of more than 500 men of great wealth, who began from scratch, with nothing to give in return for riches except THOUGHTS, IDEAS and ORGANIZED PLANS.

    1-on-1 Session

    Dedicated to You

    From personal to professional growth, I want to help you overcome your struggles in order to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of. Please contact me now and start benefiting today.

    Meditation Leader

    Introspective Motivation

    Close your eyes, relax, breathe, allow me to lead you into a deep introspection that will leave you feeling refreshed, happier and hopeful.

    Women's Retreats

    Where women can step away from the busyness of life and take time for nurturing themselves.

    Living the life we'd LOVE to LIVE is an aspiration many women share. These retreats offer women the necessary sacred time to connect with their spiritual nature; to delve into and understand more fully their own longings and desires; to heal; and to restore their hope for their future. The fun and laughter shared with other like-minded women at these retreats helps you move past old hurts and angst to find the inner peace that we deserve.

    The 5 Love Languages Workshop for Couples & Singles

    Based on Dr. Gary Chapman's NY Times bestselling book, this event is co-presented with Ed Green, LCSW, a licensed psychotherapist.

    Participants will be introduced to the 5 Love Languages, given a 5LL test to discover their Love Language, followed by a small group experience to gain insight into their unique communication styles.
    This workshop is designed for singles who want to learn ways to better communicate with those they spend time with and for couples who are married, committed to a long term or new relationship. Both workshops offer insights for creating deeper and richer connections to give and receive the most enjoyment from relationships important to them.
    Note: The 5LL Retreat is an extended more intimate experience described above for a limited number of couples.

    Reviews for The 5LL Workshop for Couples & Singles

    from class participants

    "It provided UNDERSTANDING on ways to better communicate our love language."

    "LEARNED so much about spouse's love language. Role playing a previous conflict and resolving it (using new info) was eye opening."

    "Very enjoyable, fun and AFFIRMING."

    "Visualization of the future put things at an 'end goal' perspective; HOPEFUL."

    "Very objective and TO THE POINT. We were able to go in depth."

    "REFRESHED how I show my love and look back to see if I've been showing my love in the way my partner needs it."

    "EXCELLENT how Cindy and Ed delivered the content. Structural with the slides, content and being casual, humorous, and POSITIVE as a couple."

    "Content, presentation, company, and the food was GREAT."

    Vision Workshop

    Renewing Your Passion for the Zest of Life

    Creating a vision for the life you'd LOVE to live is the foundation for this workshop. You identify and release blocks that are holding you back. You will create a vision for your life with the tools to start the process immediately. You'll walk away from this workshop with a renewed zest and an exhilarating passion for your life.

  • "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."
    ~ Andy, The Shawshank Redemption

  • Testimonials

    I have over 30 years experience in the inspirational, motivational and meditation arenas and have worked with numerous people, volunteers, community leaders, press, and non-profit organizations.

    Howard Caesar

    "Cindy... is consistently bubbly, positive...

    "Cindy Cline and I have worked together and been good friends for over 30 years. She is not only talented, but is a consistently bubbly, positive, unconditionally loving person who has shown a depth of strength and an ability to rise above difficult challenges in life. She is a great person to have at your side!"

    Karen Black

    "Cindy is... the kind of person you want to be around​..."

    "Cindy is the most loving, unbiased, caring person I’ve ever met! When you are in her presence, her warmth simply engulfs you and makes you feel as though you’ve finally come home. Cindy was my Director for almost five (5) years when I worked as Marketing and Special Events Manager for Unity Church of Christianity. Watching her taught me so much about how to be a better person. She sets the bar on how to treat others with warmth and kindness no matter what, and she taught me a lot about prayer and forgiveness. Always easy to talk to, she also made everything fun. Great sense of humor, excellent speaker and facilitator – just the kind of person you want to be around to make you feel better."

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